Social Inclusion & Community Access

Social Inclusion & Community Access

A very real threat to the emotional wellbeing of a person living with a disability at home is Isolation.

Although you may not have explored the options available, there is support which will allow you to remain active in your community and socialise.

Our Social Inclusion & Community Access options present you with an opportunity to remain active, while being supported by a carer.

Ways in which we could help you with becoming more socially active in your community include:

  • Assistance to attend family and community events
  • Transport to shopping
  • Taking you to the movies
  • An evening at the theatre
  • Pursuing your hobbies or interests
  • A ride to your doctor
  • Swimming, bowling or participating in a sport within your capabilities

This list is not exhaustive, but demonstrates some of the ways in which Allcare Community support could be of service to you.

Many of these services can often be provided as part of a care plan paid for by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Whether you’re already using the NDIS to fund your support package or you would like to explore the options available, we can help. Please use the details listed below to make contact with us today.

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